Terms and Conditions

eneral Terms and Conditions

1. subject matter of the contract

Aepll consulting gmbh (hereinafter referred to as behind-the-backdrops.com) sells the products offered in the shop to the customer (hereinafter referred to as contractual partner) according to the following general terms and conditions (GTC) as well as the currently valid delivery conditions. By ordering products from the behind-the-backdrops.com product range, the conditions are deemed accepted. Deviating provisions will only be accepted if they have been confirmed in writing by behind-the-backdrops.com in advance and without exception.


Conclusion of the contract

The prerequisite for the conclusion of a valid contract is that the delivery address for the goods is in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein. The products and services published under behind-the-backdrops.com do not constitute an offer to conclude a sales contract with the contracting party. It is non-binding. By sending an order via the Internet via behind-the-backdrops.com, in a stationary aepll store, by telephone or in writing (e-mail or post), the contractual partner submits a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract. The contractual partner receives confirmation of receipt of the order by e-mail (order receipt confirmation). This order confirmation does not constitute an acceptance of the offer, but is only intended to inform the contractual partner that the order has been received by behind-the-backdrops.com. A sales contract is concluded when behind-the-backdrops.com accepts the offer of the contractual partner by sending the ordered product to the contractual partner or by confirming the dispatch to the contractual partner with a second e-mail (dispatch confirmation). Should behind-the-backdrops.com not be able to accept the offer of the contractual partner, behind-the-backdrops.com will inform the contractual partner in writing within 10 working days after receipt of the order or 2 working days before an agreed or announced delivery date and, if possible, submit an alternative offer.



3. terms of payment

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are quoted in Swiss francs and include all fees (value added tax, early recycling fees and copyright levies) excl. delivery. The means of payment specified under the heading Payment options apply. behind-the-backdrops.ch may exclude individual means of payment without further justification in general or for special contractual partners. In addition, behind-the-backdrops.com is entitled to charge surcharges on individual means of payment.

The following payment options are offered:

End customers receive an invoice payable within 7 working days. A monthly collective invoice will be sent to b2b contractual partners by post within 10 working days during the following month, whereby aepll consulting brun will additionally charge the contractual partner an administration fee of CHF 1.00. The invoice will be payable within 7 working days. The monthly invoice can optionally be paid in instalments. The payment option on account can be financed depending on the amount or processed via PowerPay, which is why we would like to refer here to the general terms and conditions of PowerPay. If you have any questions regarding the invoice for partial payment, please contact PowerPay immediately: 071 / 225 40 20. Companies can request an invoice payment directly from our support at +41 56 666 1869 or at support@acb-market.ch.

Partial payment*
Pay the total amount simply and conveniently with individual, monthly instalments via PowerPay (MF-Group/MF Finance AG) within 90 days of delivery of the first collective invoice (at least CHF 50.00 or 10% of the purchase amount per month). The monthly collective invoices will be delivered within 10 working days of the following month and each will be charged with an administration fee of CHF 2.90. The monthly collective invoices will be sent within 10 working days of the following month. Interest will be charged from the 2nd collective invoice according to PowerPay's GTC. If you are unclear about the invoice for partial payment, contact PowerPay immediately: 071 / 225 40 20. Do you need more time? No problem - after the 90-day instalment period has expired, you can simply extend it via PowerPay in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.



  • prepayment
    The prepayment payment option does not incur any additional fees. Once the order has been successfully completed, the contractual partner immediately receives the prepayment invoice by e-mail (also by post if desired). For system-technical reasons the articles are dispatched only if the amount was credited on our account. Under certain circumstances this may take a little longer. If the contractual partner urgently needs the order and has paid in advance, please contact aepll financial, opening hours MO-FR 09.00-17.00 hrs) if necessary (possibly send the payment confirmation to aepll financial, financial@acb-market.ch ) to speed up the delivery if possible.

    Payment on site
    The payment option Payment on site (aepll-store pick-up locations) can only be selected if the delivery option "Pick-up aepll store" and the corresponding pick-up location have already been selected beforehand. The ordered devices can be paid there directly in cash, by EC card, by credit card or by PostCard without additional costs. When picking up an order made via invoice or partial payment, it is necessary to present an official identification document.

    Payment on site or at pick-up locations, OPTIMA Services logistics centre
    The payment option Payment on site (logistics centre, pick-up location aepll consulting brun) can only be selected if the delivery option "Pick-up aepll" has already been selected. The ordered products can be picked up there directly, the amount to be paid is to be paid in cash or by EC card, credit card or PostCard. When picking up an order made via invoice or partial payment, an official identification document must be presented.

    Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, PostFinance Card
    When paying online or at an aepll pick-up location using Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express or PostFinance Card, an immediate processing fee including merchant commission (MSC)* of 1.5% of the order value is due.

    *Merchant Service Charge (MSC)

    Each payment by credit card involves additional costs in addition to the product price, including the so-called Merchant Service Charge (MSC). This fee is charged to us by the acquirer (our contractual partner with regard to credit card transactions). These costs are charged to the credit card user (customer) according to the originator.

    In the event of a cancellation, the entire amount including the fee will be credited to the credit card used for payment. On request it is also possible to get back the cancellation fee as a credit (without credit card fee).


  • PayPal
    When paying via PayPal for an online order, an immediate processing fee of 1.0% is due.

    Cash on delivery
    With the cash on delivery payment option, processing fees are due depending on the weight of the products to be sent: for parcels weighing up to 30 kg: CHF 35.00, for transports over 30 kg: CHF 95.00.

    *In order for the invoice and partial payment payment options to be offered, a credit check must first be carried out. This requires the contractual partner to enter his date of birth in the order process and the billing address must match the delivery address.



    4. retention of title (instruction of ownership)

    The delivered products remain the property of aepll consulting brun until full payment has been made. aepll consulting brun is entitled to make a corresponding entry in the retention of title register at any time (even subsequently). The delivered products must be kept by the contracting partner in a resalable condition until this point in time. If an instalment transaction is agreed, the delivered products remain the property of behind-the-backdrops.ch until the last instalment has been paid. The contractual partner must immediately inform aepll consulting brun in writing of access by third parties, in particular of enforcement measures and other impairments of the products. The contractual partner shall reimburse aepll consulting brun for all damages and costs resulting from a breach of this obligation as well as from necessary interventions.


5. disclaimer on information (product, availability, warranty, etc.)

aepll consulting brun constantly updates all information presented on www.behind-the-backdrops.com . Our claim is to keep all offered products and services clear and up-to-date for our contractual partners. We obtain some of this information directly from the brand manufacturers. We assume no liability for printing errors, topicality, correctness or completeness of the information provided. Therefore, all information on www.behind-the-backdrops.com is without guarantee and not to be understood as an assurance. In addition, we reserve the right to make or update changes or additions to the Internet pages provided at any time without notice.


6. cancellation and dissolution of contract

Orders placed with behind-the-backdrops.ch are binding in accordance with Clause 2 of the General Terms and Conditions and the contractual partner is obliged to accept the goods and/or services. Cancellations on the part of the contractual partner are possible and are at the discretion of aepll consulting brun depending on the situation. A refusal to accept the ordered goods, the non-collection in an aepll store or a collection centre as well as the failure of an advance or partial payment within 20 working days aepll consulting brun expressly reserves the right to cancel the contract. In each of these cases, the contractual partner shall be liable to pay a turnover fee of 20% of the total order value, but at least CHF 50.00 plus any logistics and storage costs. If aepll consulting brun is in default of delivery, the contractual partner shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract from the 20th working day after the originally announced delivery date. In this case behind-the-backdrops.ch will reimburse the contracting party for amounts already paid in advance. The payment is usually made within 5 working days. In the event of termination of the contract by the contractual partner, no claims for damages can be asserted against aepll consulting brun without exception.




7. exchange right

www.behind-the-backdrops.com grants its contractual partners a 10-day exchange right after receipt of the goods. The 10-day period begins with the day of the first delivery by post (also in case of absence - postal collection order), the first delivery "kerbstone" of a carrier (also in case of absence or non-delivery due to absence), the delivery "floor" or the delivery and "professional assembly" according to our currently valid delivery conditions. An exchange will only be accepted if it has been notified in writing to our support team at support@acb-market.ch within the 10-day period. Telephone registrations require without exception the written confirmation by aepll consulting brun and will otherwise not be accepted.


All costs incurred for a return shipment by the post office or by a transport company shall be borne by the contractual partner. It should be noted that the product was not used and the copy of the invoice or delivery note must be enclosed with the return shipment. www.behind-the-backdrops.com expressly reserves the right to charge used or damaged goods with a credit note or an appropriate reduction. The credit amount from an exchange will be fully credited to the exchange purchase (new purchase) less any additional services already rendered, such as express or cash on delivery costs by the post office or a forwarding agent, the delivery "floor", or the delivery "professional assembly", but only after verified receipt of the goods. Any credit balance in favour of the contractual partner will be refunded or, if requested, compensated with the issue of a voucher.

The following products are excluded from this right to exchange:

Hygiene articles such as all body and oral hygiene products, medical equipment (such as fever gauges, massage devices, love toys, etc.), all devices which are provided with a hygiene seal as well as all hygiene accessories.
Grills put into operation as well as all grill accessories
Water treatment products (kettles, decalcification products, etc.) and all water treatment accessories
Batteries, accumulators and storage media
Articles which have been specially ordered for contract partners Exhibition and second-hand equipment, individual items
Further categories may be excluded by www.behind-the-backdrops.com at any time and without notice. In the event of obvious or suspected misuse, such as multiple returns or damage, www.behind-the-backdrops.com is free to refuse an exchange entirely. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support at any time.



8. guarantee, warranty and repair

www.behind-the-backdrops.com provides a guarantee for the goods. The warranty period depends on the specifications of the product manufacturer. The guarantee does not restrict the statutory warranty obligation. This means that defects which exist at delivery to the buyer can be claimed up to two years. However, the buyer must be able to prove these defects. In contrast to this, a warranty claim only exists if defects occur after delivery. The contractual partner acknowledges that the decision on the type of remedy of the defect lies with www.behind-the-backdrops.com. www.behind-the-backdrops.com can replace this either by new faultless goods (replacement delivery) or repair (repair). The right to change or reduction is excluded, if a repair or replacement is possible or a repeated rework or replacement for reasons www.behind-the-backdrops.com is not responsible for fails.

Warranty and guarantee are excluded, if improper changes or repairs are made to the products as well as damages by faulty manipulations or mechanical damages are present. This includes, for example, damage caused by natural forces, moisture, falls and impacts, excessive wear and tear and defects as a result of interventions or modifications. Wear parts, batteries, accumulators, etc. are excluded from the warranty or a reduced warranty period. Products marked in the shop as "demo, exhibition or used models" can be demonstration devices, i.e. articles with slight optical defects or repaired products which are sold at a reduced price. These optical defects are excluded from the warranty. With regard to functionality and fitness for use, the normal warranty provisions apply unless otherwise stated.

The original packaging guarantees the greatest possible protection. This should always be kept by the contractual partner. In the event of a warranty or repair claim, the devices must be returned with all accessories in the original packaging. If they are missing, the unit must be packed for transport or shipped accordingly. Claims for damages against www.behind-the-backdrops.com for damages due to a production fault (for which the manufacturer is responsible) or due to improper operation, handling or use cannot be asserted without exception. All costs incurred for packaging as well as for sending in or transporting a warranty or repair case to the warranty or service centre by post or by a transport company shall be borne by the contractual partner. The return shipment or the return transport will be taken over by the executing warranty office during the warranty period. Excluded from this are articles which offer an on-site service. If it is determined that a returned product is not covered by the warranty, a cost estimate will be prepared for the expected repair costs. If the other party does not respond to the estimate within 30 days, the product will be disposed of without further information from the other party. Possible claims or claims for damages from a guarantee or repair case against www.behind-the-backdrops.com cannot be asserted without exception.

If www.behind-the-backdrops.com, the manufacturer, its guarantee or service centre provides a guarantee service, a guarantee of 6 months is granted on the repaired parts or the replaced product; if the original guarantee period lasts even longer, this applies. These warranty periods will not be interrupted by any warranty service, nor will they begin to run again. If a product is repaired after the expiration of the conventional warranty period, the warranty period will also be extended by 6 months on the repaired parts from the date of repair.



9. liability and exclusion of liability

Liability shall be governed by the applicable statutory provisions. Claims for damages arising from impossibility of performance, from breach of contract, from culpa in contrahendo and from tort are excluded, unless intentional or grossly negligent action is present. The liability for indirect damages and consequential damages, regardless of the legal basis and subject to mandatory statutory provisions, is excluded.


10. data protection

www.behind-the-backdrops.com ensures that the collection, processing and use of personal data complies with the provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act and the relevant legal standards. The customer data collected during order processing is only used for internal purposes. Data will only be passed on to third parties if this is absolutely necessary for the proper provision of services. Thus behind-the backdrops.ch may carry out a credit check with the authorities and/or specialized providers before each purchase. In addition, the data may be passed on to companies that process the data within the framework of a contractual relationship (e.g. for processing the payment). In individual cases, data may be transferred abroad. It is ensured that the commissioned companies do not use the data beyond the scope of the specific order and that they do not use the data for their own purposes or pass it on to third parties.

The contractual partner agrees to this use of his data. The collected data may be evaluated for marketing and advertising purposes. The customer account data can also be linked to data from professional address traders. Furthermore, each contractual partner has the right at any time upon request to inspect the data stored about him and to prohibit its use for internal marketing purposes. The request for information is to be addressed to the following address by presenting an official copy of the identity document: consulting@acb-market.ch The contractual partner is personally responsible for his login data (incl. password) and the orders placed with it. Care should therefore be taken not to pass on the login data to third parties.



11. intellectual property

www.behind-the-backdrops.com reserves all rights for every design, text and graphics on its website; in particular property rights and copyrights (as far as these are not with the corresponding product suppliers). Before passing them on to third parties, the express written consent of aepll consulting brun is required.


12. applicable law and place of jurisdiction

All business relations of aepll consulting brun with contractual partners are subject to Swiss substantive law to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Muri/Bremgarten Aargau. The foregoing shall be without prejudice to any other mandatory places of jurisdiction under federal law. For the delivery of a payment order and/or collection/enforcement request for withdrawal, CHF 100 will be invoiced each.


13. final provisions

Should individual provisions of these GTC be or become invalid, this shall not affect the legal validity of the remaining provisions. In addition, aepll consulting brun reserves the right to change the GTC and delivery conditions at any time. It provides the GTC with a version and a date. The respective binding version of the GTC and the terms of delivery can be called up and printed out at www.behind-the-backdrops.com or www.acb-market.ch


Terms of delivery

1. terms of delivery www.behind-the-backdrops.com

In general, the products ordered can be sent to a Swiss address, an address in the Principality of Liechtenstein or picked up at our pick-up locations or from our logistics partner. The type of dispatch depends on the weight and is carried out by post (parcels up to 30kg excluding general cargo) or via a forwarding agent.

The following options are available:

Free postal parcel

In the case of free delivery by post, all postage costs are already included in the net prices without exception (incl. VAT and all mandatory fees). Deliveries are made from our warehouse or directly from the manufacturer's / supplier's warehouse. Therefore it can happen that orders with several device positions are shipped in several shipments and on different days - of course without additional costs. Deliveries (by PostPac Economy) usually take place within 2-5 working days after the order has been placed or the corresponding payment has been received at www.behind-the-backdrops.com.

Postpac Priority (A Mail)*

If a product (less than 30 kg) is needed as quickly as possible, we recommend shipping by Priority parcel post. If the order is placed by 16:00 on weekdays, the product will be delivered on the following day (working day). The following packaging variants are available for this delivery variant:

Product in original packaging CHF 2.50
Product in original packaging with additional (neutral) outer packaging CHF 12.50
With this variant, the product is additionally shipped with a neutral outer packaging. This ensures that if, for example, a gift is to be sent, it will not be recognised immediately.
Postpac on Saturday*

If delivery during the week is not possible, we recommend delivery PostPac on Saturday. If you order on weekdays until Friday 16:00, the product will be delivered personally on the next Saturday (excluding public holidays). To ensure that the delivery is guaranteed, the contractual partner receives an exclusive advance notice (delivery notification) of the delivery by SMS or e-mail. It is therefore important that the contract partner specifies the correct mobile phone number when ordering. The following packaging variants are available for this delivery variant:

Product in original packaging CHF 7.50
Product in original packaging with additional (neutral) outer packaging CHF 17.50
With this variant, the product is additionally shipped with a neutral outer packaging. This ensures that if, for example, a gift is to be sent, it will not be recognised immediately.



Postal parcelSwissExpress "Moon "*

The PostPac Swiss-Express Moon variant enables even faster delivery of the ordered product. If the contractual partner orders by 4 p.m. on weekdays, the product will be delivered the following day (Monday to Saturday on weekdays excluding public holidays) by 09 a.m. at the latest. The following packaging variants are available for this delivery variant:

Product in original packaging CHF 29.00
Product in original packaging with additional (neutral) outer packaging CHF 39.00
With this variant, the product is additionally shipped with a neutral outer packaging. This ensures that if, for example, a gift is to be sent, it will not be recognised immediately.
Delivery Forwarder Curbstone (b2B))

Delivery by forwarding agent includes delivery to the bristle edge. The transport costs for this variant are already included in our net prices (including VAT and all obligatory fees) without exception, but this only applies to the b2b area. Deliveries are made from our warehouse or directly from the manufacturer's/supplier's warehouse. Therefore, it can happen that orders with several device positions are placed in several shipments and on different days - of course without additional costs. Dates for equipment deliveries (curbside) via a forwarding agent (parcels over 30 kg or general cargo) are independently agreed with the contractual partner depending on the forwarding company or manufacturer logistics. No fixed delivery times can be guaranteed. It is therefore necessary for one person to be able to accept the delivery on the agreed delivery date. Forwarding agent deliveries usually take place within 2-5 working days (additional effort for the disposition for delivery by the forwarding agent) after the order or the corresponding receipt of payment at behind-the backdrops.com. In the case of a delivery with the forwarding agent, access by truck must also be guaranteed. If direct delivery is not possible, the recipient of the goods must specify a suitable place for handing over the goods in the vicinity of the originally intended unloading point. From this point on, the recipient is responsible for the goods himself; the goods are deemed to have been legally delivered.

In addition, it can be selected whether a disposal of old equipment is desired:

Delivery Freight forwarder Curbstone without disposal Waste equipment Free CHF 0.00**
Delivery to forwarding agent kerbstone with disposal of old device CHF 59.00**
Surcharge fixed date CHF 100.00
Floor delivery incl. disposal Packaging**

The floor delivery includes the delivery of the device with 2 men to the floor, the unpacking of the devices and the disposal of the packaging material to the place in Switzerland specified by you. The surcharge for the floor delivery is directly deposited with the product for each device, as this may vary depending on the device type. This type of delivery usually takes place within 3-5 working days of receipt of order or payment in advance. With regard to the delivery date you will be notified by telephone, therefore it is important that you give us all telephone numbers correctly when ordering. It is the contractual partner's responsibility to ensure that the dimensions of all stairs, doors and corridors are sufficiently wide and freely accessible so that the equipment can be transported without problems.
In addition, there are additional variants of this type of delivery, namely an optional disposal of the old device as well as a fixed date can be agreed upon:

  • Packaging without disposal Old equipment CHF 140.00**
    Packaging with disposal of old appliance CHF 190.00**
    The floor delivery includes the delivery with 2 men to the desired floor or basement, the unpacking of the device as well as the disposal of the associated packaging material and the return of an old device (no removal) for disposal. The number of devices to be taken along for disposal must not exceed the number of devices delivered.
    Surcharge fixed date CHF 100.00

    * The flat rates are per unit. The additional services offered by Swiss Post, including the specified delivery times, will only be offered if the product is immediately available from our own warehouse or at the time of receipt of payment by behind-the backdrops.ch.

    In the case of additional services with deliveries on the following day, delivery is only guaranteed on working days (or in the case of Swiss Express "Moon" also on Saturdays excluding public holidays). Specifically, for the PostPac Priority and PostPac Express "Moon" variants, it should be noted that the order must be received by 4 p.m. on a working day so that the product can be delivered on the corresponding day (following day, following Saturday).

    The working days and public holidays of the Canton of Aargau generally apply to all items sent by Swiss Post. On 23 December and 30 December, this service can only be offered with reservations (depending on Swiss Post).

    ** The flat rates are per device.

    Transport damage

    Damage in transit from postal items

    All transport damage resulting from postal items must be reported to the relevant post office within 24 hours without exception:

    In written form support@acb-market.ch
    Transport damage from forwarding agent deliveries (delivery and storey delivery)

    All transport damage resulting from forwarding agent deliveries (deliveries and floor deliveries) are to be reported without exception within 48 hours as follows: www.behind-the-backdrops.com :

    In written form (indication of the customer address and the order number)
    Pictures (photo of packaging, nameplate and damage)
    Mail info@behind-the backdrops.com
    Transport/damage from specialist installations

    All transport damages resulting from deliveries as well as assembly and installation damages are to be reported without exception within 48 hours as follows: info@behind-the-backdrops.com :

    In written form (indication of customer address and order number)
    Pictures (photo of packaging, nameplate and damage)
    Mail to Mail info@behind-the backdrops.com


    3. our delivery times

    As a rule, the goods are made available for delivery on the same day after receipt of payment. A credit card payment is equivalent to an immediate payment. We know the following status in the shop:
    Immediately available from our own warehouse or from the supplier's logistics centre. You will receive the goods within 2-5 working days (calculated from receipt of payment). These details refer to the option "self-assembly" and "delivery by post / forwarding agent".